Interdisciplinary Artist: 

Composer/Sound Design  Percussionist/Drummer  Writer/Director &  Arts Educator


"I realized over time that I was always, since childhood, more interested in sound and my sonic environment, humming along to the vacuum cleaner and car engine, noticing the layers of environmental sound around me. And it makes sense now that my earlier works were trying to convey that through traditional means." 

Essentially, my work has progressed and morphed throughout a series of phases. The first phase was expression through theatrical means; I referred to this work as either experimental, interdisciplinary, or sound theater. I used text as a 'sound object' similar to how a composer uses musical notes and phrases. I always infused sound design/field recordings and composed music into these works. The second phase was a refinement of my theatrical works, putting them into a score form instead of a script form, relying less on actors and the use of a theater and more on musicians presented in concert halls. The third phase has been moving into an electronic, computer-based world of creation moving through, but not abandoning, my acoustic-analog roots. I always, innately, no matter the means or method, have been a sound designer.


My earlier, interdisciplinary, works were based upon synthesizing three key components: 1. music/sound  2. text/spoken word  3. the visual: stage/spatial. These early works were post-modernist critiques that challenged hegemonic assumptions and I hoped for audiences to engage in critical thinking.

I referred to this synthesis as Total Composition(al) Theatre, a form that deals with the total premise of composition which doesn’t attempt to put one medium above the other. When dissected, the elements shouldn’t be able to stand coherently on their own, as opposed to musical theatre or opera where the parts can function independently and apart from one another. 

In terms of content, I fused social/political commentary with the pure experimentation of form and structure. I strove to challenge the conventions within both music and theatre, attempting to alter the traditional or popular perceptions of performance, ultimately erasing ‘audience expectation’.


I have an extensive, rich, and intimate history as a  'dance musician' and composer. "Working with dance, for me, has been the most satisfying and natural  form of collaboration."

I welcome new collaborations and projects.


Field recordings, free sound samples, radio works, composer for hire, dance, theater, film

St.Augustine, FL