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2012 Posted on August 30 by writerpost,

Burlington weathers “The Tempest” 
By Rachel Dunphy 

"...It was also strengthened by the presence of off-stage characters, all of whom surrounded and actively observed the action through the play, and by the live music created by musical director Joanne Maffia."

The Tempest Reviews

Reviews for The Tempest: 

Seven Days newspaper, vol.17, No. 50 

Burlington Free Press,, Aug. 16, 2012

From the Lerkim by James Barry,

"Saw many good concerts/exhibits/shows this past fall. Highlights include....Ms. Maffia's THe jojo EXperiment at McCarthys's Pub..."

Dotted Notes by John de Clef Pineiro

In Mosaic Minds, presented at The Flux Factory in Queens, N.Y. on October 16, 2003, writer/composer/co-director JoAnne Maffia has produced an important multi-media/multi-movement/multi-dimensional work encompassing in sight, sound and text a breathtaking range of moments concatenated like fleeting glimpses of the human experience as an evaporating progression. Employing a broad palette of theatrical, video and acoustic means to heighten an audience's awareness of the precious passing of seconds, minutes and hours of one's life and the lives of others, Ms. Maffia brilliantly succeeds in conveying an unsentimental humanistic portrait, an impressionistic "mosaic" gestalt if you will, of a life and lives in process and decline. With a well-selected troupe of highly skilled young performers, including the very fine flutist Christine Perea, among others, Ms. Maffia has made clear that she is a serious up-and-coming artist to watch for and enjoy in years to come. 

The New Music Connoisseur, Vol. 12, 1 & 2

Highfalutin at the Loewe by John de Clef Pineiro 

"...Even more remarkable, however, for its sheer intelligence, pungency, refreshingly original conception and stunning execution, was JoAnne Maffia's Di-a_Tribal Rant for four voices and muted trumpet." 

The New Music Connoisseur, Vol. 9, No. 2


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