'FOR HIRE' fee options:

1. Flat Fee: a flat fee will be subject to limits on work hours/time spent composing, editing, mixing & mastering as well as the length of the final product. An approximate length of the project, give or take a minute or two, is required beforehand.

2. By the Hour: a fair hourly rate agreed upon by both parties; dependent upon your budget, the project description and a system of tracking working hours; 'by the hour' includes all the work hours to compose, edit, mix and master.

3. Rate per minute of composed music: Each minute of composed music includes the editing/mixing/mastering; a fair rate agreed upon by both parties. This is typically a higher rate than 'by the hour' due to the 'rate per minute' being all-inclusive regarding editing/mixing/mastering. An approximate length of the project, give or take a minute or two, is required beforehand.

Additional work hours/time such as attending rehearsals, tech. and/or dress rehearsals including travel to and from will be negotiated and agreed upon by both parties. 



JoAnne C. Maffia retains Exclusive Rights and Ownership to all music/sound design composed unless otherwise specified or contracted and clearly understood by both parties as to who will retain and own the rights to said music/sound design.

*Choreographers, for example, will have Exclusive Use for a contracted period of time following the date of the premiere/first performance of the commissioned music/sound design. Following the contracted period of time, Ms. Maffia's music will be registered with ASCAP and will be subject to the proper royalty/licensing fees based upon the venue, the venue size & ticket pricing. Ms. Maffia will be notified (by email) each time the work is used in a performance following the contracted period of time. An updated bio should be included.

Attribution is to be given in all media including performance programs and as it applies:

Music composed by JoAnne C. Maffia, www.refoundsound.com

Sound Design composed by JoAnne C. Maffia, www.refoundsound.com

OR Sound design & Original music by JoAnne C. Maffia, www.refoundsound.com

**Any and all exceptions to the above terms will be in writing and signed by both parties involved.