Jojo's Backstory & Earlier Works

JoAnne is a native New Yorker now living in St. Augustine, FL. 

She was first a drummer, studying on and off, playing in school bands and orchestras when she was first exposed to percussion ensemble music at the age of 17 at Stony Brook University. She was invited to play in the undergraduate percussion ensemble, sparking enthusiasm and passion for contemporary chamber music and all things experimental. 

Soon after, Ms. Maffia attended (SUNY) Purchase College, School of the Arts. It was at Purchase College that JoAnne began experimenting with text as sound object incorporating staging, lighting, movement, and music composition. Initially, in the music conservatory, JoAnne graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dramatic Literature/Drama Studies and a minor in music (May 1992). 

Two years after graduation, JoAnne founded THAT! New Music Group in April 1994, a collective of musicians and composers dedicated to the promotion and non-traditional presentation of contemporary chamber music. Ms.Maffia fought to challenge the conventions of the classical music world. She incorporated staging, lighting, and/or movement with the belief that theatrical elements would expand the range of sensibilities from sound into sight. The visual elements would only enhance the music helping to increase the familiarity of New Music often isolated within academia. She strove to make New Music accessible to a larger public. 

*Received Winter Residency from Synchronicity Space,1994-95 
*Received The East End Arts Council's Special Opportunity Stipend Award, 1995 
*Received a Space Grant from St. Peter's Church,1995 

In 1996, Ms. Maffia changed the group's name to THAT! New Arts Group. The slight change better represented the range of disciplines Ms. Maffia began producing, including her own work. THAT! Group became dedicated to promoting new works that explored the meshing of boundaries between mediums such as music and theatre, dance and theatre or visual art and performance, creating new areas of performance. 

*Received two Meet The Composer Fund awards, Fall 1996 
(one for composing, the other for presenting) 
*Featured in the Downtown Express newspaper, vol.10 issue 23, April 1998 

In its six-year history, THAT! Group produced and presented the work of over 20 artists. 

After six years in the not-for-profit world, JoAnne was looking to complete her music education. Primarily a self-taught composer, JoAnne was able to develop a clear and distinct artistic point of view and a musical style all her own. Her work caught the eye of professor Klaus Sinfelt at New York University. 

*Commissioned by The New Millennium Chamber Orchestra, 1999 
*Received third Meet The Composer Fund award, 2000 
*Review in The New Music Connoisseur, Vol. 9, No. 2 

Ms. Maffia graduated with a Master of Arts in Music Composition from NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development in May 2002. 

*2002, Received The Jack Krieselman Award in composition. 
*2002, Commissioned by Athena Chamber Group (Boston). 
*2003, Commissioned by the New York University Percussion Ensemble 

A year later, Ms. Maffia premiered her multi-movement work, MOSAIC MINDS: The Score in five movements with Finale: a Postscript to AIDS; forming her latest company THe jojo EXperiment. The work received favorable and encouraging reviews. 

*Review in The New Music Connoisseur, Vol. 12, 1 & 2 

2004, Ms. Maffia joined forces with flutist Christine Perea creating and performing a blend of improvisation, composed bits, percussion, flute, and electronics. The two performed locally for four years throughout the New York City area. 

2007, JoAnne premiered Kinetic Fortress, a 'narrative interrupted' at The 78th Street Theatre Lab. Ms. Maffia blended theatre, music, and video. 

*2008 Commissioned by The Incubator Arts Project: Music, 
St. Marks Church, NYC. 

2009-2010, Ms. Maffia attended Brooklyn College, receiving the Advanced Certificate in Music Education. 

2010-2014, Full-time Instrumental Music Instructor at I.S. 281 middle school, Brooklyn, NY 


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