JoAnne is currently focusing on a series of new works that solely employ the sense of 'hearing' avoiding all use of visual means and materials, encouraging engaged and 'active' listening.

She has a new found interest in Field Recording (Environmental Acoustics and/or Acoustic Ecology) moving away from traditional music making and using natural, environmental sounds as her raw, base material.


JoAnne’s earlier, interdisciplinary, works were based upon the synthesis of three key components:  2.text/spoken word  3.the visual: stage/spatial.

JoAnne refers to this synthesis as Total Composition(al) Theatre, a form that deals with the total premise of composition which doesn’t attempt to put one medium above the other. Essentially, the elements when dissected shouldn’t be able to stand coherently on their own, as opposed to musical theatre or opera where the elements can function, independently, apart from one another. 

In terms of content, JoAnne fused social/political commentary with the pure experimentation of form and structure. JoAnne strove to challenge the conventions within both music and theatre, attempting to alter the traditional or ‘pop’ular perceptions of performance, ultimately erasing ‘audience expectation’.


JoAnne also, as percussionist and composer, has a relationship with dance and choreography and welcomes new collaborations and projects.

Ms. Maffia's work here at is meant to be applied to a variety of artistic mediums: dance,improvisation,theatre,radio,film,tv,and more...


Composer/Percussionist,Theatre Arts and Educator 


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St.Augustine, FL